BuildingWorks' focus is for the building to
      remain a valuable asset, never a liability.

    • The documents generated and approved during the construction project are invaluable, both to the contractor and the owner. And those turned over at the end of construction, traditionally known as Close-out documents, are the basis of the beginning for the building's life. Today, with the BuildingWorks Suite of tools, the contractor and the owner can benefit from the tools.

    • The DataStart is the archive of ALL information generated during the construction process. This allows the contractor to have the entire historic record of what took place. And the owner may or may not wish to have that historic record. It is the delivery of the traditional closeout documents, known as DataSphere that brings value for the owner.

    • DataSphere is the as-built of the DataStart. The DataSphere is not the close-out but the beginning of the management of the new facility. The needs of the contractor, professionals and the owner inspired BuildingWorks to provide the services and tools that build increased value and return on investment into every project and property through detailed, accurate and easy-to-access electronic documentation.


A Cloud-based construction, collaboration, and archival tool, DataStart assists the construction team with the management of workflow of information.

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An interactive electronic closeout document tool that lives for the life of the building. Easily updatable as changes occur in the building and to the building.

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A secure Cloud-based DataSphere that allows any stakeholder to view their DataSphere anywhere, anytime.

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