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    • (DataSphere) fills a huge hole in the building delivery process. The problem is that NOBODY is responsible for overseeing the closeout documents. The contractor just wants to be done, and usually assigns a clerk who at best is familiar with the project from typing correspondence or logging submittals. The architect just wants to see something that can be turned over to the owner along with the final pay application. The owner is too busy occupying the building to sit back and determine if those 3-4 boxes hold everything they need to operate and maintain the asset. How well organized those boxes are depends mostly on how organized the project engineer/manager was for the contractor; it sure as heck isn't going to get RE-organized. With DataSphere you become the "closeout police."

    • The information is great. It is much easier and quicker than looking through manuals. This saves us time and gets us in the direction we need to go. If and when we get into another construction project, which most likely for us is going to be an addition, I will request the project use DataSphere as a closeout document with no reservations. You guys did GOOD.

    • Thank you for all of your efforts. We like the product and its ease of use.

    • Let me say that I am very impressed with the (DataSphere) disk. It is above and beyond what was expected.

    • I really think it would be beneficial for the rest of the McCormack Barron execs to see the demo. It saves so much time for me when someone requests a copy of an O&M page or 11x17 as built drawing page. I don't have to take the time to look anywhere but my computer.

"When we realized there was a better way to access building information, we created an innovative solution -- and a new company, BuildingWorks."

Ann Schwetye, Founder & President.
Women Business Enterprise (WBE)

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We simplify document management tasks allowing you to focus on core competencies of building and operating.

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Our customers save on operations and maintainance -- 90% of the costs during a building lifetime.

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