• DataStart is a Cloud-based collaboration and construction documentation tool that enhances communication between and among the whole building team anywhere, anytime for the duration of the construction project. How? Information access and data input controls are clearly defined to enable participants to have the necessary project visibility/transparency that protects construction process.

    • DataStart uses a common platform that allows for the aggregation, automation and organization of all the construction project information. Through this platform each team member is able to see all items that require their response in an organized, simple and consolidated task list based on the CSI specifications. Electronic workflows enable and ensure that best practices are the rule and not the exception. The DataStart allows for check-in and check-out, revision control, audit logs and more. This efficiency of time in completing processes, eliminating duplicate data entry and providing a single source for construction data transparency reduces construction cost, error and increases efficiency.

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"A Cloud-based construction communication, collaboration, and archival tool. DataStart assists the construction team with the management of information."

We simplify document management tasks allowing you to focus on core competencies of building and operating.